Corfu was not given the name of the “Emerald Island” for no reason. The greenest of all Greek islands, Corfu’s natural beauty is hiden beneath a cloak of emerald green, with a mountainous skyline pluging into the bluest of blue waters.

Elegant architecture, sunblessed beaches, enchanting nightlife and fine cuisine all play their part in attracting visitors from all over the world. With a welcome as warm as the sun, the renowned reputations the Greeks posses for their unique and instictive hospitality makes any visitor, young or old, feel more than at home.
The island has everything to offer everyone. Corfu Town itself is a contrasting combination of old and new existing side by side in perfect harmony.


YellowHouse is located 300 meters away from Kavos Town Center, and 45 kilometers from Corfu Town and the airport. The access is easier from the Port of Lefkimi which is a distance of 4 kilometers. Kavos is known as one of the most famous destinations to young people for its night life, but it offers many choices as well for family vacations by combining nice tavernas-restaurants and other kinds of entertainment.